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Opportunities through Emerging Technologies

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Phone charging. The less your cell phone battery lasts, the more lucrative somebody’s business becomes. As technology advances rapidly so are new opportunities created. Imagine charging each phone for Sh300 (US dollar cents 15) per two hours … the guy collects a relatively handsome amount a day. The ideal places include markets where traders would do anything to ensure that their phones are functioning fully.

This is the beauty of technology. Keep creating. Keep imagining. Keep producing.

Photo: At a stall within the Mchikichini Market, Ilala, Dar es Salaam.


Identity … Masai people

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Keeping one’s identity, let alone a whole community’s is not easy, especially with all sorts of pressure from all over. However, the Masai people, found mostly in Northern Tanzania and parts of Kenya have managed to keep their identity in spite of the pressure of modernity. You’ll still find them in their traditional attires along with the asortments that go with them. Their life styles have almost endured intrusions from the outside world and other communities. As such, they have become unique and can easily be recognisable.

There are many lessons we can draw from the Masai people. There may be so much pressure around us to lose our identity, yet we can contain it and pick only the things we want. The Masai have done it. You will find them in politics (with some ascending to very high offices – like the former Prime Minister of Tanzania, Edward Moringe Sokoike), they are in business – large and small; and they are not far behind in social affairs that also involve people from other communities. Technologically – they are in and make use of it just like everybody else.

What does this say. Our identities are important. It is through them that we can stand out and speak of what we are. East Africa is becoming one, however, each member state may as well keep its identity – the things that make it unique.

Shukrani kwa watu wa jamii ya Wamasai kwa kutuonyesha njia. Tunaweza kuendana na mabadiliko ya kijamii, kisiasa, kiuchumi na hata kiteknolojia pasipo kupoteza utambulisho wetu.

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Written by simbadeo

April 29, 2012 at 2:54 pm