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Dar Streets Series: BRT on the Scene

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BRT Dar 2

And another

BRT Dar 1

The rapid bus service is a new addition to the city. Commuters using the services cut the time they spend on the road by about 70 per cent. What an improvement! Imagine, spending only half an hour from the Kimara suburb to the Central Business District. Using ordinary commuter buses would normally take not less than an hour and a half!


Dar Street Series: Jet point along Nyerere; Kipawa Fish Market

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Jet area along Julius Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam.



Customers at the Kipawa Fish Market along Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam. Life goes on.

Opportunities through Emerging Technologies

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Phone charging. The less your cell phone battery lasts, the more lucrative somebody’s business becomes. As technology advances rapidly so are new opportunities created. Imagine charging each phone for Sh300 (US dollar cents 15) per two hours … the guy collects a relatively handsome amount a day. The ideal places include markets where traders would do anything to ensure that their phones are functioning fully.

This is the beauty of technology. Keep creating. Keep imagining. Keep producing.

Photo: At a stall within the Mchikichini Market, Ilala, Dar es Salaam.

Room To Read … Writers’ Workshop

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Deo Simba, Herieth Emmanuel, Upendo Naftari, Phabian Isaya, Elizabeth Shusha, Prisca Mdee (Trainer), Alison Ziki (Trainer), Mama Rehema Egbert, Mama Justa Mlyauki and Richard Mabala. Dar es Salaam. Tanzania. Feb 8 to 11, 2016. A great moment.

MV Logos Hope … Book Fair in Dar 2016

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When it comes to books … children are highly interested. We are the mean ones for not spending as much as we should on books for children and for adults.


And … Desmond Tutu … The Authorised Portrait …


And … The Crowd … searching and searching …

Unatafuta Ajira? Tangazo hili linakuhusu …

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wanaotafuta ajira

Pengine ni namna nzuri ya kuuanza Mwaka Mpya 2016. Jifunze kitu kipya. Shiriki ili kuona fursa mpya. Jipatie maarifa. Jiongezee ujuzi. Ongeza idadi ya marafiki unaofahamiana nao (networking). Kwa hakika ni fursa ya pekee.

Waziri Angella Kairuki Atembelea Sekretariati ya Ajira ktk Utumishi wa Umma

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Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Rais – UTUMISHI na Utawala Bora, Mhe. Angella Kairuki (Mb), kulia, akishuhudia mfumo wa maombi ya kazi (recruitment portal) unavyofanya kazi alipotembelea ofisi ya Sekretarieti ya Ajira katika Utumishi wa Umma mapema leo (Jumanne, Desemba 29, 2015).


Katibu wa Sekretarieti ya Ajira katika Utumishi wa Umma Bw. Daudi Xavier (kulia) akifafanua majukumu ya ofisi yake kwa Waziri Kairuki.


Waziri Kairuki akiwahimiza watumishi wa Sekretarieti ya Ajira katika Utumishi wa Umma kufanya kazi kwa uadilifu.


Waziri Kairuki (Mb) (kulia) akizungumza na watumishi wa Sekretarieti ya Ajira katika Utumishi wa Umma. (Picha zote kwa hisani ya Idara ya Habari, UTUMISHI).