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The Internet … way forward?

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A big question … however … we may need to ask ourselves … what is the future of The Internet?

While physical meetings/group discussions such as this are important and would probably continue to be important, the Internet is making people located in long distances apart to hold meetings/discussions. It’s just amazing.

The last fifty (50) years ever since the Internet accidently became a reality have seen huge technological miracles come true. The knowledge is simply overwhelming. And when you think of mobility of information … you just wonder which way our world is heading to. While ‘the digital divide’ seemed to leave behind certain groups of people under the sun, particularly in Africa, technological innovations are steadly finding affordable solutions to bridging the gap – through cheap mobile phones that can also be charged by solar energy. So, what is waiting to happen is simply the physical transformation of ‘human beings’ into digital waves such that upon pressing a certain button one is already in a distant location. This sounds like impossible … I’m sure some hidden laws of physics are just there to be discovered and make this matter come true. And … that time isn’t too far away!


Written by simbadeo

September 21, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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