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Life saving boxes…?

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Interesting. I have seen them in several WCs of offices that care. These ‘life saving boxes’, in my opinion, should be in all public and office WCs. It would help the shy ones to simply pick condoms from the boxes. Time and again we see advertisements showing people feeling shy to buy condoms from public places such as pharmacies, shops and supermarkets. Therefore, for this category of people, it would help a lot if they are to find them in WCs where they are likely to be alone. And who knows, the ‘boxes’ may end up saving lives of tens of thousands of people who would otherwise ‘have gone barefooted’. Let governments, civil societies, businesses, political entities all advocate for this move … let’s save lives … Lets keep HIV and AIDS out of our communities. Yes, together, we can.


Written by simbadeo

July 16, 2011 at 11:15 pm

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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  1. Simba, your insight on ‘life saving boxes’ is very interesting. When reading it I remembered one priest ‘Richard Curran’ if I’m not mistaken. In his Moral Theology he argued that since married couples don’t do it only for procreation, but also for recreation, why should we be so strong on youngsters? It’s time we open our eyes and let them practice what they are potential of. He argued that by this time, since the couples also use some kinds of protective measures so as to control the number of their children, the youngsters are right to use protective measures so as not to procreate before they decide to. In this sense, whenever we feel like doing it, we can provided we are able to avoid the negative effects which may arise from it. In so doing the use of condoms and other contraceptives should be legalised everywhere.

    Simba, if this is your stand then, the moral theologians will be at your neck because the 10 Commandments will be nulified. Secondly but foremost, the marriages will be contradicted since your wife will also be free to go with another man provided that she doesn’t conceive and you will never know about it. When you stay long without your wife you feel like taking an opportunity cost to go to her even if this means to spend some millions or incurring a certain loss, just to make you sleep with her for a while. If those ‘life saving boxes’ are to be promoted, and win as many customers as possible there won’t be a need to sacrifice your time to go to your wife as long as the office attendants are there and ready to release themselves on you. Again, there won’t be a need for youngsters to have sleepless nights for specific partiners because they can simply keep some elements from the ‘life saving boxes’ and use them with whomever they want.

    Recomment on this and see whether we have to ally with Fr Curran or with the 10commandments. I’m waiting for your response to keep commenting on your issues. Now I can enjoy the meaning for having a modem and a laptop.


    Reginald Mbuya

    July 18, 2011 at 9:13 am

  2. Reginaldo, I’m pragmatic in my undertakings. Confronted with two evils. I choose the lesser evil. I would say that ‘contents’ of the ‘life saving boxes’ may have saved many a lives. It’s not easy to quantify, but who knows may be the many lives that have gotten lost would have been saved had their ‘owners’ had access to contents in these ‘life saving boxes’. I don’t believe in rigid theological expounds, I believe in elasticity, in being sensitive to what’s happening around me/us. Didn’t Jesus teach us to read ‘signs’ of the time and adjust our undertakings as per the signs? Didn’t He teach us to use our talents in ‘creative’ ways? Hypocricy is the mother of all evils we see today … both within and outside the Church. I personally hate hypocricy and that is why I don’t subscribe to ‘rigid theology’ but to one that believes in ‘elasticity’. If I’m not committed to my wife … then I simply not committed to her … even if I’m not to collect contents of these life saving boxes. The best one can do is to be true to him/herself. That’s it man.


    Deo Simba

    July 19, 2011 at 12:03 am

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