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Happy ‘May Day 2011’ …

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May Day message in cartoon form by David Chikoko published on the Guardian (Tz) on April 30th, 2011 … where is the equilibrium in ’employer’ vs ’employee’ relationship?

When parts of an item are apart … the item remains but only a dream … it actualizes its completeness when all the parts are connected in a ‘smooth relationship’ … only then can it function properly … time to reflect on whether relations at work places are geared towards achieving this ‘completeness’ or not … and what needs to be done …

Construction industry is among the fastest growing industries in the country … and absorb a huge number of the ever ‘increasing and emerging’ work force … if we study it thoroughly … the physiology and physiology and economics in this industry … we will learn a lot that we can apply in other work places as well …

Jerry Signs: in the process of painting image of the Founding Father of the Nation, Julius K. Nyerere. Yesterday there was a debate at the Hill (UDSM) … the debate was on The Arusha Declaration. I did not find time to take part in it … unfortunately … even though it was something that I wanted to do so much … there were other pressing issues to attend to. One excerpt from the Arusha Declaration is this, and I quote:
“…We have been oppressed a great deal, we have been exploited a great deal and we have been disregarded a great deal. It is our weakness that has led to our being oppressed, exploited and disregarded. Now we want a revolution – a revolution which brings an end to our weakness, so that we are never again exploited, oppressed, or humiliated.

A Poor Man does not use Money as a Weapon

But it is obvious that in the past we have chosen the wrong weapon for our struggle, because we chose money as our weapon. We are trying to overcome our economic weakness by using the weapons or the economically strong – weapons which in fact we do not possess. By our thoughts, words and actions it appears as if we have come to the conclusion that without money we cannot bring about the revolution we are aiming at. It is as if we have said, ‘Money is the basis of development. Without money there can be no development.’ “.

The document is 44 years old now … isn’t this statement as much true as it was four decades ago? Class wars … class struggles will always be there … life is a continuous struggle … even when one wants to be in a static condition … still one will be made to struggle … it is struggle (change) that does not change … it’s ever present …


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May 1, 2011 at 11:04 am

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