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Blogathon: “I believe that ….. should be a right in this digital era”

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No change of leadership, no development

Blog Marathon Day – 21st March, 2011

Below is more information about the day. If you’re a blogger … use the opportunity to express your belief of what should be a right in the digital era.


I believe that “independence” should be a right in this digital era. And here the word “independence” has many meanings. At country level, for in stance, it is time that young economies break away from being donor-dependent. This does not mean cutting-off relations with stronger economies, far from it, I just don’t think it is right for a young economy’s budget to be supported by donors. Each economy should support her own economy by 100 per cent. Aids and other support initiatives should only be supplementary.

There is this question that lingers in many international donor encounters: How come that some Asian countries in the category of ‘Tiger Economies’ have developed much faster than most of their African counterparts. This is bearing in mind that countries from both continents regain their political independence at pretty much about the same time!

While there may be several explanations to the above, one explanation is the most obvious: Economic mismanagement resulting from selfish-leaders, most of whom DON’T want new ideas at any cost. The cartoon above by GADO and published on the East African demonstrates kind of leaders who have failed Africa and still do not want to acknowledge it and let others take their places. That is why I think “independence” should be a right in this digital era.

We can speak of “independence” at the individual level as well … this I leave to you think of what it means to be ‘independent’.


Rights have been on everyone’s agenda lately. From the political revolutions that shook the Middle East and North Africa which sustained their motivation through an universal appeal to them, to questions of privacy, openness and access to information in the post-wikileaks world, human rights as a political, social and developmental framework for discussion is very much active.

We want to get your opinions on the subject, in a creative way: On March 21st, on the occasion of the Human rights celebration in South Africa, we are having a blogging marathon, or blogathon. What this means is that all of us at the Digital Natives project and the greater community will be blogging about a single topic, at the same time.

What a monumental event, young people from across the world, getting together and expressing their views together, as one, in a single united voice. Neat uh?

The blog topic will be:

“I believe that _______ should be a right in the digital age”

You fill in the blank with whatever idea or activity that you think should be upheld as a a human right in the coming years. Play around with concepts, remix rights already established, think of your own rights which should exist, or that will exist according to you in 50 years, 100 years, maybe even 500 years…

You can add your blogs to the website. If you don’t have an account, email and ask for one.

You can also blog on your own, and share with us the links.


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March 21, 2011 at 12:13 pm

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