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Gongo la Mboto bomb blasts … brief field visit

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Re-union: Four days since the blasts … Mr Mbaruku Heri (Right) finds his daughter, Rahma (3.5yrs) … He found her at Zimbili-Kinyerezi … how she got there … it’s only a miracle … no one knows how. However, she found a kind host who provided her with shelter during all this time.

‘Head’ of a bomb (day four and is yet to be collected at Kitunda Songosongo kwa Diwani area) below are images of its ‘work’ …

Penetration point … from within …

Destruction at Mr Rashid’s house …

Penetration point … Rashid’s house

Below … destruction caused by bomb blasts … at Mr Salumu King’onga (a.k.a. Mzaramo) a resident of Majohe Songosongo area

Next ..Mr Khalid Bahi’s house … which was destroyed by a piece that came from Mzaramo’s house …

Another house destroyed at Majohe Songosongo is that of Mr Ally Othman Kondo …

From outside …

From within the house …

One of those who were killed was Ndugu Ally Chambusa. Below are images of the deceased sister who was also badly wounded and received more than 15 stitches and a girl who was also badly wounded and received 19 stitches.

The deceased was living in the third house (right) and got killed outside the first house (left) … (Information provided by a close relative of the deceased, Mr Baraka Juma).

A dispensary structure under construction at Gongo la Mboto, adjacent to Kampala International University … was not spared … see below

Red Cross and Red Crescent activities

Red Cross vehicle ready to go to the field …

Unloading support goods … at point of distribution established yesterday evening at the Ukonga Ward Executive Officer’s office …

Work to erect tents just started …

Another pertinent question: Residents living within the 10kms radius area from the epi-centre of the bomb blasts use mostly water from drilled wells … there are wells that are as short as a mere 15 feet and some are not well covered … is the water in the area safe enough for human consumption after the eruption of the bombs? What about chemical contamination … how deep can the chemicals penetrate the ground following an eruption impact? What do relevant authorities say about this question?

An uncovered hand-dug well … about 15 feet deep at Majohe Songosongo area.

General observations:

1. Red Cross and Red Crescent organisation needs to speed up its’ needs assessment activity … in order to quickly reach those families that were badly impacted by bomb blasts. Taking into consideration that today is day four and not much has been done … something needs to be done really quickly … all the respondents I spoke to lamented over the same thing.

2. Local government system has to be properly used to ensure that all the victims are reached and that all the support being provided from different sources actually reach the targeted.

3. It is important to find ways of doing counseling to victims, particularly, the children so that psychological effects are sorted out and solutions found.

4. Social Welfare department/directorate needs to work very closely with the Red Cross/Crescent team to improve efficiency … currently … things are not very impressive

5. Lastly, a thorough audit of what support was received and how it was utilized needs to be done and publicized … I’m afraid some of the support may end in wrong hands while the victims will continue suffering.

My 2 cents.

Below is a girl who was yet to find her hosts in Dar es Salaam. She said that she arrived in Dar on 10th Feb 2011 and therefore she is completely new and does not even know name of the street she was living in nor names of her hosts. If you happen to know her, you can find her at the Ukonga Ward Executive Officer’s office. Her name is Mariam Idrisa, she comes from Ujiji, Kigoma, and she is Ha by tribe.

Mariam Idrisa … looking for her hosts in Dar. She got lost on the day the bombs went off at Gongo la Mboto.


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