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Kilimanjaro … utalii wa ndani

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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro can be a very thrilling experience. It’s a unique experience that once one goes through it, one would want to do it time and again. I did it 20 years ago. I’ve had no other opportunity to do it again, but I dream that in the near future, I’ll scale the Roof of Africa. May be before the ice glaciers go away. You probably are aware of the global warming and changing climatic conditions. The ice cape on Kibo Peak of Mt Kilimanjaro IS melting away. So much has changed since I climbed the peak 20 years back.

These photos are courtesy of Maua Seminary of Moshi. They send their students twice a year to scale the mountain. Most of them do reach Uhuru Peak. Sometimes due to health problems a few don’t get there. But, the trip is always worth trying. Enjoying the beauty enroute is always a healthy experience. This reminds me of a poem by Shilia Kaaya: Follow the Mountain, The Beauty!

Tuhamasishe utalii wa ndani. Kwa kufanya hivyo tutawasaidia vijana wetu kuthamini utajiri wa asili ambao nchi yetu imejaaliwa. Kuna maeneo mengi ambayo ni ya kipekee katika dunia hii … na haya yapo hapa hapa kwetu Tanzania. Asante Maua Seminary kwa kunikumbusha safari hii ya kuukwea Mlima Kilimanjaro. Pengine ni vema msomaji ufanye hima kwenda kukwea Kilimanjaro kabla theluji haijayeyuka yote. Ifikapo 2020 huenda kusiwe na theluji pale juu.


Written by simbadeo

January 26, 2011 at 12:00 am

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