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Gas price up/Bei ya gesi juu …

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Talk on climatic change, that is the general deviation of weather averages over a certain geographic region, is not something new in our ears. Recently, this talk has been linked to what is known as ‘global warming’, that is, increasing mean average temperatures. Scientists (IPCC, 2007) argue that one of the major driving force towards this climatic trend is increased human activities.
Africa will be at even a greater loss if no strict measures are taken to control this trend. Due to economic situations in Africa, a bigger section of her population still uses forest products (firewood and charcoal) as the major source of fuel – especially for domestic consumption. As a result millions of cubic trees are cut down annually. Forest cover has been retreating as more of these products are required.
In the past one year and a half, we have been witnessing increment in gas prices. The price was Tshs. 27,000 for a 15kgs sylinder in mid-2009, the price shot to Tshs. 32,000 in the following six months. after another set of six months period, the price shot to Tshs. 37,000. And recently, the price has shot to between Tshs. 40,000 and Tshs. 42,000. This is a huge price shift in such a short period of time.
Efforts need to be made to arrest this situation because those who have stopped using charcoal/firewood as their source of fuel may end up being forced to make a U-turn and start using them. This will throw the weight on our forests because more trees will need to be cut down to meet increasing demands. The trend will be fueling further climate change leading to even longer spells of dry seasons. Food production will be affected. Agriculture in general will be affected and therefore entire economies of developing countries. This will pin Africa to the widely known concept of ‘the vicious-cycle of poverty’.
Serikali ichukue hatua za makusudi kuhakikisha:
1. Inadhibiti bei ya gesi
2. Inahamasisha matumizi ya gesi badala ya yale ya mkaa na kuni kwa kuchukua hatua za makusudi kuhakikisha kwamba bei za kuanzia zinakuwa katika viwango ambavyo watu wengi watavimudu
3. Kuhamasisha zaidi juhudi za upandaji miti ili kutunza misitu.

Bei ya gesi kupanda kutoka kati ya Shilingi 35,000 – 37,000 hadi 40,000 – 42,000 ni ongezeko kubwa sana kwa Mtanzania mwenye kipato cha kawaida.

Take action!


Written by simbadeo

December 8, 2010 at 10:37 am

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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