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Issues at heart…

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Wow! 29 days to election day. Political pluralism!

A Beautiful Saturday 2nd Oct 2010 sun set … Dar es Salaam

And the road ahead is still a long one … very long indeed.

We are approaching 50 years of independence … next year. That’s pretty a good number of years in modern times where everything changes at a super speed. As I listen to on-going campaigns for 2010 general elections, I feel that there is something that is largely missing, or rather it is something that I would want to hear being discussed … a system (administrative/infrastructural/messianic) that works, a system that sees us being systematically taken forward on the road to development (in all its senses). I think it does not do us justice when a campaigner arrives in a certain town and people start presenting their lists of priorities to him/her. I want him/her to discuss real issues with them. If it is the question of constructing a road or making water available within a few minitues reach … this I trust should have happened a long time ago … like 20 years back. As of the moment we should be discussing how and when to industrialise each and every town and village in our country. There is currently a TV advert sponsored by Policy Forum: it is posing a very important question, I think an answer to this question is the real issue at heart as to why the system has not been delivering as it should and within the right time frame. Why are we still poor … if we are surrounded by such immense wealth? It’s not time of making lists of promises like litanies … it is time to discuss how we are going to face and fully address this pertinent question. My 7 cents.


Written by simbadeo

October 3, 2010 at 12:20 am

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