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Nation … in a pitiful state

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The local media in the past two weeks has been full of headlines s the ones above. There is a saying that goes… wherever you see smoke there is fire underneath. And another Swahili saying goes: ‘Lisemwalo lipo, kama halipo laja’ literally meaning ‘Whatever is rumoured about does really exist, if it doesn’t then it is on its way coming’.

Reflecting on these headlines and whatever wisdom those two sayings may carry, I find myself reflecting on the this dreadful disease that has spread in almost all spheres of our life in this young and developing nation. It seems that all over the sudden everyone wants to hold an elected office. Since there are so many of those wanting to hold such offices, almost all think that the best way to get them there is by bribing voters.

Today, CCM are holding their primary opinion polls that will pave the way to selecting candidates who will represent it during the October general elections. These opinion polls have been badly marred by corruption scandals hitting new and old politicians similarly. CCM has been in power for over 30 years, and if you include the years TANU was in power, then the total number comes close to half a century. It is for this reason that I think CCM has the duty of portraying a better image of how internal elections are held: transparency, accountability, integrity and impartiality. We need to see these qualities and many other good ones being reflected by the party’s general conduct as well as the conduct of its individual members and leaders.

If leaders are to get themselves elected after having been the most successful corruptors of voters – how do you expect them to deliver positively? How does a disease bring about a cure? You can only expect more maladies from a disease. I must say that we are in a pitiful state. We really need to open our eyes … stop … and accept reality that if we press on under these conditions … we are heading towards a big storm. We first need to reverse this trend and not simply let things go as they are. We need to ask ourselves … where in the first place did we go wrong?

It is time we check our moral values … among ourselves, among the young ones, among the older ones. As a nation … we need to undergo a retreat … a reflection that will help us get a better image of ourselves … a retreat to transform how we value ourselves … the people around us … the future of the nation.


Written by simbadeo

August 1, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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