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Libermann … Kipawa English Medium School

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Celebrationof the Official opening of Kipawa Libermann English Medium School on Saturday June 5th, 2010.

School structure/Jengo la shule

Section of the Processions/Sehemu ya Maandamano

Guest of Honour, His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, in the procession to the Church.

Former President of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, was among special invited guests who witnessed the opening of the school/Rais Mstaafu wa Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, alikuwa miongoni mwa wageni maalumu walioalikwa kushuhudia ufunguzi rasmi wa shule hii ya Libermann.


Mr Bruce and his family, left, key benefactors to the project/ Bwana Bruce na familia yake, kushoto, wafadhili wakuu wa mradi huo.

Mr Peter and his family participated in the development of the project/Bwana Peter na familia yake pia walishiriki katika uendelezaji mradi huo.

Speech readers from Libermann School/Wasoma risala kutoka Shule ya Libermann.

Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. John Marandu/ Paroko, Mh. Padre John Marandu.

High table sharing a light moment/ Meza kuu wakifurahia jambo.

Key leaders of the preparation committee deliberating on an issue/Viongozi wakuu wa kamati ya maandalizi wakitafakari jambo.

Master of Ceremony, Herman Miti/Msherehesheaji wa siku hiyo, Bwana Herman Miti.

Fr Mike Grey, C.S.Sp, along with Mr Bruce’s family/Padre Mike Grey akiwa na familia ya Bw. Bruce.

On the left is His Right Reverent Auxiliary Bishop of the Arch-Diocese of Dar es Salaam, Libena, and I on the right. This was during a dinner hosted by Mr Bruce and his family at the Kilimanjaro Kempiski, Dar es Salaam, on the same day.

Honourable Benjamin Mkapa, Former President of Tanzania, speaking during dinner at the Kilimanjaro Kempiski.

Key messages of the day:

Cardinal Pengo:
1. Put human value above value for material possessions.
2. One educated, use your education to bring about positive change in the lives of your own people.

Honourable Mkapa:
1. Pupils and students need to work hard in acquiring education because it is only through education that they will live a better life.
2. Teachers should demonstrate high levels of discipline as they impart the knowledge to the young ones … diligence is the key to provision of better education.

Mr. Bruce:
1. All parents dream of providing the best to their children.
2. It is a great honour to be part of the project.

Mr Steven Vinton:
1. Good leadership in a country helps to bring about peace.
2. Existence of peace in a country makes it possible to build schools.
3. Every child has a right to education – it is our duty to ensure that this right is accessible to all.

Further entertainment/Burudani zaidi.


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  2. consequent upon your wish to put your school on line its really nice keep it up


    tumusiime evart

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