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Towards 2010 General Elections…2

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This is how Mongolandege Voters Registration Station looked like on the last day of registration in Dar (27.03.2010). If there is going to an extension, it will help a lot to have many more people registered or have their information updated.  Having this process done in six days … there are many who will surely miss the opportunity … not because they don’t like to get registered but because the process itself has proved to be very cumbersome.

Opening time. No catridge for printer. One voter volunteered to go and fetch it from the Ward Offices located about 2kms away.

An official responsible with registrations, Mectilda Rutagumilwa, struggling through the Permanent Voters’ Register. One person waiting to be registered opined that ‘When are going to have these things computerised?” That is very true.

Getting inside for photo shooting session was quite a struggle. If you are sick or have some urgent business to attend to … it’s very likely that you will lose your opportunity to get registered.


Written by simbadeo

March 27, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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