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Girl child…liberation

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We still have a long way to go. In the sixties…it was independence struggles. In the eighties … it was a survival struggle. In the two thousands … the struggles range from economic, identity, redefining our place in the world, soul searching on where we went wrong before and 50-50 for women and men. It requires deep commitment to change these scenerios. Yes, change, we can make and bring about.

Tafakari. School? Security? Future? It is the responsibility of each one of us. Politicians? Yes. We are responsible for their being where they are.

Earning bread the hard way. I may be pessimistic but this is how I see things: the guy here earns a living for himself and those whom he supports – however – not enough to enable him to send those who are still schooling to a better school. In order for him to feed his family he has to cut down trees – some trees as old as a 100 years. He does not plant new trees in place of the ones he cuts down. In the long run – distance to the place where he can find trees lengthens. The forest keeps retreating. By the time he reaches a retirement age – there won’t be a thick and dense forest remaining. His children will inherit a bare land. Their mode of earning a living might change – but change to what? In short coming generations will keep inheriting graver forms of poverty. Of course we can reverse this trend – we need CHANGE. We are a nation in transition. It is not yet the time for our leaders to keep riding in vehicles that guzzle the gas. At this stage, what we all need be doing is tighten our belts. Forget about luxuries. We need to serve that for coming generations – that is if we want them to be proud of their true identities among nations of the world. As for now it is time to sacrifice. Yeah!


Written by simbadeo

March 16, 2010 at 11:29 am

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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