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Kipawa…Mass Evacuation … 2009 – 2010

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There were mass evacuations before, this is, regardless of the reasons that were there. Kipawa mass evacuations leave us with a number of questions, or rather, a number of issues that provide us with food for thought.

Sometimes, it is important (it is a must) to carry out mass evacuations. The Kipawa one was a must. May be what matters here is the manner in which the evacuation was carried out. The decision was passed many many years back, as far as I can remember, the decision is more than 20 years old. I remember hearing about it when I was still young and whenever I visited acquiantances who lived there. Residents were made to stop making any developments there because they would be ‘moved out’ at any moment. Some have passed away. Some were born and grew up to become adults. It simply took too long to implement this decision.

Upon implementing it … there were many people who got hurt … pyschologically, economically, socially, morally … you name it. A state is there to protect life (and human dignity) not to hurt it. This is regardless of the number of people who may have to be hurt.

Kipawa leaves us with big lessons to learn in case our state is to carry out another ‘mass evacuation’ elsewhere. The biggest lesson it ‘to always ensure that human dignity is protected and respected’. This should be the basis that has to govern the ‘manner’ in which an evacuation is carried out. The sad story of Kipawa should never be allowed to repeat. This came when memories of another ‘mass evacuation’ that took place at Tabata Dampo were still vivid. Let’s learn. Let’s stop being ‘easy’ at forgetting the afflictions that cause others to go through.

This is to pay tribute to all those people who in one way or another ‘suffered’ from a mass evacution on the beautiful land of Tanzania.


Written by simbadeo

March 10, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Posted in Siasa na jamii

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