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Culture of ‘degenerating’…

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Traveling to different parts of the country, our country, one can easily ‘see’ certain ‘cultural’ patterns that are kind of repetitive. One such cultural pattern is the culture of ‘letting public facilities collapse’ – the culture of degeneration. Most of these public facilities that are ‘let to degenerate’ are of unspeakable importance to providing basic social services. These may include hospitals, local government offices, school classrooms, water storage tanks etc.

Below are images of some of these facilities that I happened to ‘see’ during my recent upcountry safari.

Mikumi village along the Dar – Iringa road, right hand side as one goes towards Iringa.

A section of Mwese dispensary, eighty miles from Mpanda town in Rukwa region.

Another structure at Mwese dispensary in Mpanda District, Rukwa region.

This culture can be witnessed in many places of the country and always in many forms: bridges, roads, railway trucks, government vehicles, whole institutions etc. It is pathetic that we let things collapse … some of which were in very good conditions 20 or 30 years ago. The question is why can’t we develop a culture of maintaining facilities of importance to us. Are we waiting for some ‘donors’ to come and restore these facilities for us? It’s time for us, the people Tanzania, to act responsibly – let’s take to task those whom we have entrusted with public offices but all they are interested in is ‘a fatter purse’ only. Nawasilisha.


Written by simbadeo

March 4, 2010 at 4:46 pm

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